Open Positions

Available Administrative Positions

District Job Title Location Date Posted  
Coffeeville Business Manager   11/28/18 Download Info
Columbia Director of School Accountability   5/30/19 Download Info
Hattiesburg Public High School Dean of Curriculum and Instruction   3/19/19 Download Info
Hattiesburg Public Director of Operations   3/19/19 Download Info
Hattiesburg Public Director of Technology   3/19/19 Download Info
Louisville Municipal Elementary Principal   4/30/19 Download Info
Oxford Principal   3/4/19 Download Info
Pearl Public Transportation Director   5/14/19 Download Info
Senatobia Municipal Elementary Principal    12/7/18 Download Info
Smith County Superintendent    5/21/19 Download Info
Union Public High School Principal   6/6/19 Download Info
Vicksburg Warren Director of Special Education   5/1/19 Download Info
Vicksburg Warren High School Principal   5/1/19 Download Info

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