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After years of producing positive results for elementary students, the Move to Learn program is now getting bodies and minds moving in grades 7-12.

Move to Learn is designed to help teachers raise student fitness levels and, in turn, raise student achievement. For several years, the free, web-based video series has been making a difference in K-6 classrooms across Mississippi by proving the connection between physical activity and student focus. This fall, Move to Learn introduced videos for middle school and high school classrooms.

Research shows that just five minutes of physical activity nearly doubles student engagement. Teachers can incorporate Move to Learn videos into their classroom routines or use them as needed when they notice students losing focus.

Students aren't the only ones who benefit from getting up and moving. I’ve attended a number of conferences where Move to Learn representatives were invited to lead exercise breaks. By the time I sat down again, I felt more alert and had more energy. Everyone seemed more relaxed, and there were smiles all over the room. That's always a good sign!

We have always been impressed by the high quality and originality of Move to Learn videos. The new series upholds the professional standards that have become a hallmark of the program. Check out the adjacent video to learn more.

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Executive Director

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